Mantle Arts is based in North West Leicestershire and delivers arts projects across the region. Worked with artist Hannah Lobley, to create installations displayed in the city and magazine ‘Imagine a city’, commissioned by Howes Percival Solicitors and Mantle Arts in Leicester. Contributed to a project portraying Leicester’s past and present in letters; produced from waste paper. This Eco Art Project is situated in the largest shopping Mall in Asia/AEON Laketown located in the Koshigaya district outside of Tokyo, Japan. The theme of the work ‘Kaze-Wind’ incorporates 12, 000 sheets of waste office paper and 10sqm of recycled cardboard, 10 suspended shapes, 2m in diameter which hang in the 20 sqm space and float in the breeze. AEON Group Commission Japan and Vivacity projects feature in ‘Imagine a City’ booklet for freelance designers. 






















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